It all started with a complaint to his mom.

It was the school summer holidays of 1996 and 12 year old Paul Murray was at a loose end. He didn’t know a thing about marketing, but he did know that kicking a football in the street whilst trying not to set off the alarm in his neighbors fancy sports car (sorry Michael) was getting, well…. .kinda boring.

On a whim he decided receiving letters in the mail might break up the monotony, and asked his mom why no one was sending him any letters. Paul’s wise mom Margaret suggested that if he actually started sending people letters, he might receive more mail in the post.

The idea of a pen pal sounded lame and time consuming, but responding to adverts in the Sunday newspaper was MUCH more exciting. Gambling tips, petrol chainsaws, new roof insulation, treadmills and a whole lot more, the family postbox became a hive of direct mail offers and Paul’s love of marketing was born.

Fast forward 14 years to 2010, many grueling jobs (picking melons in France, I’m talking to you) Paul decided to set up his own legal marketing agency to generate personal injury clients for attorneys through search engine marketing.

After a couple of successful years generating hundreds of clients for various personal injury lawyers, changes in the law on referral fees made the business model unsustainable (after relentless campaigning by those nice insurance companies). Fortunately by this stage Paul had realized there was a solution for attorneys anyway.

Instead of selling leads, attorneys could attract more clients at less cost if they generated their own cases using the systems and knowledge Paul had acquired. Miller Jackson was born.

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