100% Money Back Guaranteed Pricing

We’ve been doing legal search engine optimization for years, and know what we are doing. We are so confident we will be able to increase website traffic and telephone inquiries to your law practice, we are currently offering a rock solid 100% Money Back Pricing Guarantee.

How does the guarantee work?

We will refund you in full (every cent) if we do not achieve a predetermined percentage increase in search engine traffic (visitors) to your website.

The search engine traffic (visitors) to your website will arrive having searched on one of the major search engines with legal queries that relate to areas of law you practice.

The percentage increase in traffic will depend on how much traffic your website currently has, the current strength/weakness of your website from a search engine perspective, and the current strength/weaknesses of your competitor websites.

For example, the guarantee could be an increase in search engine traffic by 100% within 3 months, and 300% within 6 months.

We will agree with you the percentage increase before we start.

Where does pricing start?

A one time payment of $198. Is $198 going to put you on page 1 of Google next week? No! But it allows you to make a start with no commitment, and gets the ball rolling.

If you are reading this then what you are currently doing in terms of online marketing is probably either A) Not working, or B) Nothing.

Simply put, you can start making progress for a one time payment of $198